Laborator Management şi psihologie



Scientific Laboratory of  Management and Psychology was founded in 2011. In the period 2011 – 2014 the Laboratory activity was directed to the following scientific and practical investigations:

  • Development of arrangements for the training medical assistance agreement (for medical services provision) according to obligatory health insurance (OHI) of population;
  • Analysis and monitoring of existing payment mechanisms for health services;
  • Evaluation of new strategies and mechanisms for medical services payment delivered through OHI in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Scientific analysis of results and the development of practical recommendations for effective ways of contacting health care services delivered through OHI in the Republic of Moldova.

Adress: The Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, md – 2004, 194-B, Bul. Stefan cel Mare, the Department of Economics, management, psychology in medicine.

Tel: (022)205215, (022)226356

Tel mobile: (022)069232962, (022)069005805.